Uno Extreme

Mattel Uno Extreme Card Game

Uno Extreme

Your kids will behave forever if you get them one of these!

Topped for a Christmas top 10 2008 bestseller Uno Extreme Card Game features a unique gadget.

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Mattel Uno Extreme is for 5 years old and upwards with the need for some support or help from an adult.

Uno Extreme Card Game

Uno Extreme from Mattel rules are simple to learn. It takes about 30 minutes or so to play out a game but the time taken varies by the number of players you have playing. Lots of families I know end up playing this game during family gatherings. When we played, at our family reunion, we spent about thirty minutes per card game but end up playing for about eight hours of games into the early morning. I would also say this is the most played family game we have.

Uno Extreme Card Game is a brilliant insight into playing card games, although is does not use the traditional packet of cards for playing the game. When playing you get accustomed to following the suit cards, taking in turns, holding your cards and enforcing the rules.

Uno has been a well-liked card game for ages. It is basically an adaptation of a card game with a standard pack called Extreme Eights.